If you are looking for placement in East Neck Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, our admissions team can help you get started. They can provide guidance regarding the best nursing care or palliative care programs in West Babylon and will work with your social worker, following the conclusion of your care, to ensure that you transition back into home life smoothly.

Our admissions team can also explain our policies and procedures, answer questions, and keep you informed and comfortable during each step of the process. They can also provide you a tour of our newly renovated rehabilitation facility and provide information about nursing care or palliative care in West Babylon.



Our facility is happy to welcome any adult over the age of 18, who qualifies for rehabilitation, sub-acute care, or nursing home placement. Our admissions team will confirm whether you qualify to begin nursing care or palliative care in West Babylon with us, after receiving a completed application, Patient Review Instrument, and Screen.

Are you interested in Medicaid Coverage? We have a Medicaid Coordinator onsite who can determine if you are eligible for Medicaid and help you begin that application process.

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